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The Now

In the present, we are living apart, Meggie in Ontario and Tommie in Vermont.  We visit as much as we can. That used to mean seeing each other every 6-8 weeks but during the pandemic, we have only able to visit a handful of times. The youngest of our children is 17, almost an adult. Of course, our children need us throughout their lives but we are hopefully approaching a stage in life where they are not relying on us in the same way. It is a new stage of life for them and for us! 

Tommie owns a beautiful piece of property that is bordered by a river and a brook. Here there are fields of wildflowers that are lit up by fireflies on summer nights and a gorgeous forest to hike or ski through. The river is deep enough to swim at some points and there's even a bridge with a rope swing to drop from. This land is sacred and Tommie has been it's loving caretaker for 20 years.  It's been a lot of work for one person and Meggie is anxious to join her vision to his to create their heaven on earth.

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