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   and  Tommie

Hello and thanks for joining us! We are Meghan and Tommie aka Meggie and Tommie. We are a cross-border couple who have been dating for over three years. The pandemic has been hard on everybody but for anyone who fell in love with someone across the 
US/Canada border it was torture!  Being apart so much really made us realize what we have and renewed our desire to spend our lives together.  We are firm believers that life is meant to be experienced to the fullest, hence our dedication to a sensual life. Why not fill your days with awe-inspiring landscapes, mouthwatering food, moving music, comforting touch, and exciting experiences. 

This website was started as a digital vision board that we can both work on while we are apart.  This is not a professional project but rather one of love.  Why not share our hopes and dreams with the universe? Please add your joyful energy to ours and wish us luck on the next stage of our journey



I am a 50-year-old mother of 4 and the Canadian half of this duo. Presently working as a fitness instructor teaching online and in-person classes. Over the years I have worn many hats including professional cake decorator, school bus driver, shiatsu therapist, personal trainer, and bellydancer.  I still love to dance and am never happier than when Tommie and I have our private dance parties in the great room of his farmhouse. I have always been a little trepidatious when trying new foods so I am very fortunate that Tommie is an amazing cook. So far I have enjoyed everything he has introduced me to! I love gardening, chasing waterfalls and butterflies, and campfires. I am a barefoot girl at heart and my happy place is at the beach where I can feel the sand between my toes, sun on my skin, wind in my hair, and just breathe while listening to the birds and the waves. 

I've been totally seduced by Vermont living and am looking forward to creating a beautiful sensual life with Tommie as my partner. 


This is Tommie. Isn't he adorable? You can see why Meggie loves him so much. Sweet, smart, creative, and a fantastic lover... What more could a girl ask for? Tommie is the father of two boys.  In his professional life, he has been an architect and a maple syrup entrepreneur and put himself through college working as a chef in a restaurant.  He loves sharing his land with locals that visit the swimming hole, campers staying at the sites he has created, and by offering concerts in the field.  Everyone feels the magic of this special spot by the river with the beautiful view of the mountain. 

I should probably leave some room for Tommie to express his undying love and admiration for me. Go ahead honey, try to keep it to a few sentences.  I know it's hard....

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